5 Best Smart Home Devices For 2019

With the ever-growing technology, it’s impossible to stay updated on the latest gadgets. To make your job easier, we have picked out our best choices for smart home devices!

5. Amazon Echo Family

In today’s day and time, we are practically living inside our devices. From setting alarm to ordering food, or even helping kids with their homework, Echo – the hands-free smart speaker powered by Alexa (Amazon’s voice assistant) does it all. With Alexa, control most of your gadgets and smart devices in your home by your voice.  Available in different variants, Echo Dot is the inexpensive yet surprising one as it provides more than expected functionalities like its counterparts.

4. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

A smart lock is the essence of a smart home. August Home’s latest Smart Lock Pro + Connect offers you DoorSense technology, Z-Wave compatibility, Wi-Fi connectivity along with all the features present in their HomeKit model. This sleek and aesthetic third-generation smart lock can be controlled with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri voice commands. Although it is on the fancy side, it is one of the best smart locks in town!

3. iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

The main advantage of a smart home is staying updated of what is going on in your absence. iCamera Keep Pro provides a powerful 1080p image sensor, motion and sound detection, mechanical pan and tilt, time-lapse and event-triggered video recording, and a motion-tracking feature. It also supports free cloud storage, an SD card slot for local storage, and support for IFTTT integration. Retailing for $199.99, it is one of the remarkable indoor security cameras.

2. Ecobee4

Installing thermostat is a good way of saving a considerable amount of money on your heating and cooling costs. The new Ecobee4’s sleek design, flexible scheduling, ease of use, remote room sensors, motion-sensing technology, built-in Amazon Alexa voice service capabilities, and numerous other features- is definitely worth the price.

1.Wyze and Cam Pan

A home security camera is a terrific tool for keeping an eye on things from a distance. The Wyze Cam Pan, like its predecessor, offers motion and sound detection, time-lapse recording, and free cloud storage. Additionally, it has mechanical pan and tilt and support for IFTTT applets. Priced at just $29.99, it is unquestionably a steal!