5 Best Smart Home Devices Under $70

It is a popular myth that smart homes cost you a bomb! While there are devices that can burn a hole in your pocket, there are others that provide the best value for its price. We have filtered 5 efficient and inexpensive devices to get you started with your smart home.

eufy Genie Virtual Assistant

If you need Alexa but do not want to spend so much – eufy Genie is undeniably the next best option! Its integration with various 3rd party devices and flawless set-up with eufyHome app allows you to make the most of Alexa’s skills. It is currently priced at $19.99.

TP-Link Mini Smart WiFi Plug

EZViz Mini WiFi Camera

If you are someone who is looking to explore home automation, this mini model from TP-Link is a decent option. Retailing for $24.99, you can duck the option of adding a home hub unless you want to. In addition, you can also control all your smart plugs from a single central location, use voice control with Alexa enabled devices, and use your smartphone or tablet for remote control of connected devices.

Google Chromecast Ultra

The new EZViz cameras have switched a level up by providing the facility of Alexa voice control. Night vision, a 111-degree viewing angle and full HD video, 1-week free trial of cloud storage, the option of local storage using a microSD card, and an onboard speaker and mic for listening or talking – at $39.99, is definitely a bargain.

If you are looking forward to getting all content optimized for picture quality up to the supported 4K Ultra quality on a stiff budget, Google Chromecast Ultra which is priced at $69 is a fitting choice. It works impeccably with Google Home, and you can take control of your TV through voice commands or through your smartphone.

Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat

Insteon Thermostat is one of the best products available because of its price and quality. Valued at $69.99, it is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and provides facilities such as controlling the temperature when you are far away from home and triggering your AC when it detects motion in the room. Moreover, you will end up saving more on electricity bills after the initial investment.