5 Must-Have Smart Pet Toys and Devices

Just like smart home devices, these smart pet toys and devices are here to make your life easier and make your pet’s day perkier. While there are a few toys in the market which are far from being termed as “smart”, we have consolidated the top five to provide the best value for your money.

Petcube Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

With a 1080p camera equipped with wide-angle viewing, night vision, 3x zoom alongside robust cloud storage, video and two-way audio, Petcube provides you the option of staying close to your pet even when you are not around them. In addition, you can keep your pet entertained with the in-built laser toy in your absence.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch provides one of the easiest options to keep your pets fit, energetic and amused. Because you do not need a smartphone to operate the ball launcher, you are avoiding the hassles of connectivity issues or glitches. Additionally, you can customize the throw upto the distances of 10, 20, or 30 feet -depending upon your needs. All you have to do is train your furry friend on using the launcher!

CleverPet Hub Games Console

The hub games console presents gradually challenging tasks for your pet. Developed with acute algorithms, running on full Wi-Fi connectivity – it will keep your dog entertained, stimulated and occupied at the same time. Currently, there are 12 challenges available but more games can be downloaded directly to the hub, as and when they are developed.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

This device inclines towards safety rather than entertainment for your four-legged friend. With activity tracker and GPS location device, you can now keep a track if your pet wanders off. You can also set up safe-zones and receive alert messages if your pet violates those boundaries.

Wickedbone Interactive Gaming Toy for Dogs

The Wickedbone is created to react according to your dog’s mood – whether it is frisky or aggressive. Although it is something that your pet would not use all day, it is great for the time he does. All the materials used are safe, durable and it is approved by the FDA as food-grade. Furthermore, you also have the option of auto-play mode or control the stick with your smartphone.