5 Smart Home Myths Debunked

What does it take to build a smart home? Anything that can ease up your day to day operations at home whether it is cooking, washing, cleaning, storage, air-conditioning or any similar aspect through the mode automation or artificial intelligence, adds up to make our home smarter!

Though, it is a financially important decision to install home automation gadgets. We’re here to burst a few myths that you may have heard while processing this crucial decision.

Home automation is expensive

Well, any new installation will cost you! This doesn’t mean that you would stop considering an upgrade for your ease. If you do a bit of research, you would figure out that to get started you might have to fix a budget, initially, say somewhere from $100 to $150. This will set up the base for your ecosystem and help you get compatible devices for your home, for example, a Google Home speaker might come handy! Then, you may add up as per your priority and budget.

You should be tech-savvy to operate in a smart home

People are scared of change though, how will you experience comfort if you are unwilling to adapt to one? Just the way anyone would have learned to operate a smartphone from those which we used to get back then in the 1980s or 1990s! These are super easy devices with smarter technology and a plug & play system integration with your centralized eco ecosystem. Also, once you buy any of these smart devices, you are given first-hand training as to how to use and operate it by the local or concerned buyer.

It is a must to have a smart home

This is your choice and lifestyle whether to build a smart home or not. There is no compulsion. It is more about your convenience.

You have privacy concerns in a smart home

You must take necessary security and privacy precautions regarding the data you share over the centralized networks or systems, however, if all aspects of home automation are taken into consideration, it is a more conscious decision towards improving your standard of living. For example, beware of any device with a camera or microphone. You may want to remove any audio and video files from the home system that you may feel might ignite any sort of cyber-attack.

It is not worthy of investment

Think again! If you calculate the amount of electricity bill(s) you would have paid over the last couple of years and how a home automation eco-system can ease and minimize your expenses, it is a clear cut answer. Investment in any smart device gives instant ROI and releases you from the manual effort put into it.

So, again it is completely your choice to own a lifestyle you dream of. Dream big. Dream smart! You will love the experience to wake up to your favorite playlist, automatically turn off the thermostat when you’re at work, unlock your front door with just a click, get the weather update while you’re still in bed!