5 Smart Products To Gift Your Father This Father’s Day

Let’s face it, we see our fathers growing old every single day. For all the things he has done for us, we can’t repay him in this lifetime. To make his life easier, we have shortlisted the 5 best smart gifts for your father:

Smart Sensors

Sensors assure overall safety at home. Sensors are essential as the notify you in the cases of break-ins, fire or any other suspicious activities. While this is the basic function of sensors, they offer much more. Every time they enter or leave the house, guaranteeing the safety of your parents as they grow old. Additionally, you can also keep track of their medicine cabinets and refrigerators. This helps to track their diet or medication schedule.

Smart Surveillance Cameras

If you want added security than what is provided by the sensors, you can install surveillance cameras. They provide visual and audible verification of the live activities occurring at your home. The audio and video can be transmitted in real-time to your or the care taker’s smartphone. Wireless Cameras on the front door and Intercoms can help them talk with the visitors first before letting them in the house.

Smart Lights

Smart lights become essential when mobility issues strike in. Smart Lights help to escape extra efforts of movement needed to switch off or switch on lights. You can also adjust dim lights during the night in the hallway or kitchen for added safety. Moreover, smart lights also serve as reminders. For example: Flashing kitchen light indicates the time to take medicines.

Voice-Enabled Home Control

Controlling systems that are voice-enabled is an effortless way of living at old age. Your parents will be able to control their entire home environment – temperature, television, etc. by speaking a few commands. You can also access the system remotely via the Internet to ensure the comfort and security of your parents. For instance, if the lights are switched on after midnight, you can turn them off.

Smart Thermostats

eSmart thermostats make sure that the indoor temperature is maintained at the desired level. This ensures the comfort of your parents in extreme heat or cold weather outside. Smart Thermostats do not require playing with buttons, knobs or dials. Your parents can simply adjust the temperature settings via a smartphone or tablet.

Make this Father’s Day memorable and let your parents live in a comforting, convenient and safe environment. That’s the least we can do right?