Five Cool Things Google Assistant Can Do For You

Today, we are going to discuss a few cool tricks that you may perform with Google Assistant.

As most of you must be aware that your Google Assistant is ready to help application that you may use as when and where you need it. Whether you want to manage your schedule or set an alarm, get help with similar everyday tasks or regulate smart-home devices, enjoy endless possibilities with this simple application available on your smartphones (Android or Google Pixel) and now in smart speakers as well.

Leverage Google’s robust technology and convenience to make your life easy. Here’s how Google Assistant is truly a savior across a range of devices.

Five Cool Things Google Assistant Can Do For You

Find Your Phone

Has it happened with you that you have kept your phone somewhere and had a very difficult time relocating it? Google Assistant is here to help you find it conveniently if you have got a Google smart home speaker connected. Just ask Google where your handset is, and the virtual or AI (artificial intelligence) integrated system will dial up your number to locate it.

The application even works when your phone is on silent or Do Not Disturb mode.

Open Applications with Voice Commands

Do you keep busy often? Or, doing something urgently and can not use your hands? No worries! We have got the back of Google Assistant which can open applications like Gmail, messages, etc. to check the new update(s), emails, etc. and keep informed on what’s going around without having to personally click on the apps and make it functional.

Now, you can uninterruptedly make those dinners and play a song at the same time without messing up your phone!

Ease your everyday life

Whether it is a simple task of setting up an alarm or reminder of meeting, lighting up the bulb in your room or playing your favorite song from your playlist, reading the news or connecting a call, the Google Assistant does it all for you!

Use Google Assistant to ease your lifestyle and make your home a smart home.

Control Most Features of Your Smart Home

With a Google Home device, you get a centralized way of operating your house and its devices. You get to be a part of an expandable ecosystem with hands-free control streamlining operation wonderfully along with a few smart devices supporting the act.

Not to limit you though, Smart home control is perhaps the main use case for many of the smart speaker customers. This leaves you with more time to focus on important tasks scheduled for the day and yourself.

Send Voice Messages on the Go

Now, you can send a voice message or a call while you are driving! Of course, using your phone while you are on the go is not a safe or good idea though, make sure you communicate any important message you have while being in transit.

Aren’t these basic though cool tricks make our lives much happier!