Google Smart Display – The Smart Assistant That Shows You Everything

An upgrade to its classic Google Home, having the Smart Display makes it fascinating and fun while performing swift task handling and home automation commands.

Google is on the track of bringing various features and packages that are going to leave you awestruck in the near future. For now, Google offers these four spectacular attributes in its Smart Display:

Surveillance Access and Video Calls

By connecting the cameras installed at your home or office to your Smart Display, you can now observe each and every movement in real time.

The display also supports Google Duo which provides you the facility of video calling your friends and family through voice commands.

Free Access to YouTube Premium

With free access (although for 3 months only) to YouTube Premium, you can stream your favourite videos and YouTube Originals (TV Series) without ads, and listen to music in the background.

Support for Google Maps, Calendar and Photos

The most loved feature of Google Home Devices – road maps and satellite images of places are incorporated into the new Google Display. Along with this, you’ll get the option of viewing your calendar and Google photos from your Google library.

8 and 10 Inch Displays

The Google Smart Display comes in two variants- the 8-inch and the 10-inch, priced at $199.99 and at $249.99 respectively.