How to Make Halloween Extra Spooky With Automation

Whether you decide to celebrate Halloween by watching a horror movie with friends, reading a spooky story, spending the night in a haunted house, or scaring your neighbors – you have to make sure it is a memorable occasion.

And what better way to do that than using automation for spooky decorations? Here are 5 ways you can use automation for Halloween:

Install an Outdoor Plug-In Module

Smart-Outdoor Plug-In Module

One of the scariest tricks is to control the spooky lighting from a distance that no one can see who is doing it.

There are a lot of products that allow you to do that such as the Insteon’s Remote Control Module.  You can control the lighting through their app or via Alexa and Google Assistant without having to go outside when it is freezing cold. Additionally, you can also schedule the lights to be switched on or off with this module.

If you invest in the Hub Central Controller, you can control your appliances along with your lights.

Even if you do not have any experience in home automation, you can easily rock this trick for Halloween!

Make Your Jack-o’-Lantern Scarier

Make-Your-Jack-o’-Lantern Scarier

The traditional jack-o’-lantern does not have enough light from candles to make it scary. Moreover, the candle does not even give a scary effect that you wish to achieve.

To make your jack-o’-lantern stand out from the crowd, we suggest you opt for smart lights instead of a candle. For instance, you can select the Philips Hue Go. They are wireless which makes it easily portable, can run up to 3 hours use from a single charge, 16 million color options and various white shades.

Just as Insteon, you will be able to access more features of the bulbs if you install the hub. But even if you do not want the hub, you can access the basic functionality for your jack-o’-lantern. To jazz it up, use it with a smart speaker and change the colors through voice commands and keep everyone captivated!

Make the Best Use of Your Smart Speaker

Apart from controlling lights and devices, there are some other ways to make use of your smart speaker. For example, hide your speaker outdoors near the entrance and play haunting music!

You can also use Alexa’s or Spotify’s playlist that has the best-listed songs for Halloween. It also saves your time trying to figure out what songs you should be playing for your spooky party.

Ask your trust virtual assistant for some costume ideas for Halloween and you will be amazed at what ideas you can get out of it.

Go Digital

AtmosFX Digital Decorations

If you want to step-up your Halloween game, it is time to go digital. AtmosFX Digital Decorations bring your Halloween celebrations to life with light and magic and are great for decorating TVs, windows, walls, doors and more.

The menu is simple to work with and you can play your favorites at stretch for hours. However, you will need a DVD player for this. If it is media download only, this idea would not work.

Motion-Detected Smoke Machine

Haze Fog Machine

Nothing works better than spooky smoke coming out of nowhere.  The Haze Fog Machine detects motion and kicks out clouds of unscented fog at the rate of 2000 CFM to a distance of around ten feet.  It is one of the most energy-efficient smoke machines, so you would not be surprised with your electric bill.

Although it takes some time to heat up, it works flawlessly after that. You can control it using wired remote which ensures you have complete control and stability.

Make sure your friends and family have the time of their life at your Halloween party. We have listed automation products that are beginner-friendly to ensure smooth operations for your celebration! It also eases your transition if you are planning to automate your home in the future.