Mi LED Smart Bulb

Mi has expanded their horizons beyond smartphones. Joining the bandwagon, they came out with two types of Smart LED bulbs, but the one with the dimming feature caught our attention for two main reasons:  the price point and the functionality.

Although you cannot change the color of the lighting (the other option provides you with 16 million colors), you can dim the bulb according to your preference. Apart from the color factor, they offer the same functionalities and are quite different on the price scale.

They connect to the Wi-Fi without any glitches, do not need any hub to operate and are easy to install. They are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa – so that you can switch on or switch off the lights with voice commands. You can also control the lighting with their Mi Home App on your smartphone. They are long lasting and energy efficient which will help you save some money on your electricity bills as well!

Priced at $10 as opposed to its counterpart at $20, these Mi LED smart bulbs are on the cheaper side if compared with other brands in the market when it comes to smart lighting.