Nest Hello Doorbells Might Soon Identify Deliveries or Package Thefts

Video doorbells are a must-have when it comes to the safety of your home. Because of the growing theft cases, video doorbells provide an additional layer of security.  In the market for around 2 years, Nest Hello has been steadily improving. Their facial recognition feature, though not always correct, has helped a lot of its users to identify who is at their doorstep.

The team at Nest Hello has been working at developing various features. One of them is the identification of the packages being delivered. In the latest Nest app update, there are a number of features that have caught the eye of many users. They all revolve around the packages and how people interact with it. When the app is updated, a ‘new features’ screen will appear that says “Now your Nest Hello will help you spot packages.”, followed by “With package alerts, you’ll receive a notification after someone has left a package in the camera’s view, and another one when someone picks it up.”

The insinuations and specifics of this update get a little more exciting. If you own the Nest Aware subscription, you will get two new notifications. The Nest Awareness subscription is just $5 which is reasonable as you get facial recognition functionality along with added new features. You can also save the recordings from your Nest video doorbell with The Nest Awareness subscription. However, you can only store for 5 days, 10 days or 30 days – depending on your subscription.

There will be 2 new notifications such as “Package left” or “Package picked up” based on what the Nest Hello cam sees. The update is still under development so there may be changes in these notifications to make it better for understanding before the launch. Nest Hello supports 160-degree wide angle that covers up almost all of your front door area. However, you may need to adjust the angles in order for it to detect that a package has been left at your doorstep or if that package has been picked up.

Whether you need a video doorbell or not, completely depends on your needs and requirements. But having it surely does give an added advantage.