Sleep Easy with These 5 Smart Baby Monitors

While there are abundant of baby monitors available in the market, selecting the right one which provides the best value for money and suits all your requirements can be a conundrum.

Here’s a list of 5 finest baby monitors available:

Cocoon Cam Plus Baby Monitor


The advanced version of Cocoon Cam focuses heavily on tracking breathing patterns of your baby through the night. If there are any abnormalities detected, you will be instantly notified with an alert.

Packed with a sophisticated motion detector, easy installation, 720p camera, and night vision video streaming, it is one of the affordable options for a smart baby monitor.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor


While you need to make your baby wear the provided socks and habituate them to this smart monitor, it is one of the essential product if you have to keep your little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels in check.

Additionally, you’ll get three washable pair of socks that will fit most babies up to 18 months old.

Arlo Smart Baby Monitor


The Alexa enabled Arlo Smart Baby Monitor equipped with a 1080p camera, adjustable motion detection up to 50 feet, sound detection, and a wireless range of fully 300 feet – is one of the top buys in the market.

Along with various nursery features such as a multi-coloured nightlight and playing lullabies, this smart monitor can also play a recording of your own voice helping your infant to sleep.

Babysense Night Vision Smart Baby Monitor


With Babysense smart monitor, you no longer have to fear the safety of your infant. The robust connectivity for up to 1000 feet will ensure you have your eyes on your baby even if you’re out in the garden.

It possesses brilliant features such as night vision, zooming facility, wide angle lens that is useful for monitoring mobile toddlers, playing lullabies, and temperature monitoring. Furthermore, Babysense is expandable with up to 4 cameras and 2-way audio to stay connected with your newborn.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand


Although you cannot term the Nanit Plus as inexpensive, it is one of the best products in the market. It comes with HD video, night vision, exceptional zoom, 2-way audio – much like the others available. However, the crucial differentiator is its capability to work even if there is an internet outage. The stand provided is not adjustable but you can opt for a wall-supported mode and adjust the camera’s viewing or zoom angle according to your preference.