Smart House the Movie: What’s Coming True?

A while ago Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant came into existence, PAT aka Personal Applied Technology has shown its marks! Did you know this? 

Twenty years ago, the movie Smart House featured on the Disney Channel virtually introduced us to a family who succeeded and moved into the “house of the future” powered by PAT. Back then, the technology which we used was not that upgraded or vastly accessible to everyone. Many of us used cell phones with antenna and smartphones were yet to take its place in our household. 

Though, like any movie forecasting technology, Smart House slips to cover some crucial areas, however, being uncannily precise in others.

Thereby, here’s highlighting the subsequent areas of this movie where technology has come good and delivered the possibilities like;

  • AI-Powered Digital Assistant
  • Smart Thermostats with Voice Control
  • Video Calling
  • Smart Locks
  • Automated Cleaning
  • Wall-Sized Screens
  • Smart Kitchen Programmed appliances (such as Coffee Maker)
  • Voice-Controlled Color Lighting
  • Personalized Alarms
  • Security Cameras
  • Message Contacts with Hands-Free

AI-Powered Digital Assistant

The groundwork of Disney’s Smart House was based on PAT, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) virtual assistant who can do a lot of things like controlling the indoor weather of your home to storing contact data and so on.

Even though this personalized applied tech use to run on a circuit board as well as a control room, relatively than a smart display or smart speaker, wherein the norm is the same as the method in which your digital assistant or applications like Alexa operate a smart home in 2020.

As a layman, we could say that a fully programmed or integrated system like PAT initiated this process, while platforms Amazon, as well as Google, have essentially succeeded in propelling their digital assistants to the forefront of customer homes.

Automated Cleaning

Previously the floor absorbers integrated with PAT slurped the dirt and now we are more or less dependent on the robotic vacuums to do the job! 

Smart Thermostats with Voice Control

PAT was asked to share feedback on the temperature earlier to which it replied, “Climate control on target at 72.5 degrees.”

Smart thermostats, on the other hand, allows temperature control hands-free with AI while saving money on bills!

Smart Locks

Even though PAT may have changed the locking system then Smart Homes, smart locks today rule our homes in masses, without leaving much for us to do. Isn’t that amazing?

Similarly, devices like smart kitchen appliances (programmable), personalized alarms, voice-controlled colored lighting, video calling, security cameras, and similar appliances have come up to our rescue to truly make our homes, “Smart Houses’. 

Also, not to forget that technology has played a huge role in bringing this digital transformation into our lives. Things like smart wearable (smartwatches, etc.), drones or self-driven cars are the next-gen tech innovations we are witnessing today and it certainly has the power to ultimately make our lifestyle into a more eased up and smart living, so to say!