Which Virtual Assistant Is Right For You?

Before we get started on which one is right for you, here is something you should know about virtual assistants:

  • It is an application that understands voice commands and completes tasks for you
  • They are available on most smartphone and tablet devices

Now, with the advancement of technology, we have standalone devices that perform functions that are much more diverse in the functionality than those available on your smartphones. Apart from controlling your smart home, you can now book a cab, order food or know about your upcoming events.

Jumping to Virtual Assistant Devices, these 3 rule the market:

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo’s Alexa provides the maximum number of functionalities in comparison with Google Home and Apple HomePod. It connects with more devices, hence, allowing more actions to be performed. It is one of the most efficient smart speakers in the market.

Google Home

The most helpful virtual assistant for Android users is the Google Home. If you have signed into your account from different devices, Google Assistant is consistent on all your devices. This means that it will recollect all your preferences, music, playlist and control the same smart home devices. Google Assistant is backed up with Google’s search expertise, meaning it can provide information on various subjects on a command.

Apple HomePod

Although being the first smart assistant in the market, Apple’s Siri is considered to have plunged in quality. This does not imply that it is not a helpful assistant. But Apple’s limiting third-party integrations with Siri acts as a deterrent on performing various skills as compared with the other two devices. Nevertheless, Siri can still control HomeKit-connected devices, book a cab, and other general functionalities. Apple Homepod is priced at a whopping $349, making it the most expensive out of the three. With companies continuously upgrading their tech game, Siri could possibly be able to perform various other tasks in the future.

The conclusion

To begin with, Android users will benefit if they adhere to Google’s Ecosystem as it’ll be easier in terms of integration. Apple fans with an iPhone, Apple TV, and HomeKit-enabled devices can opt for HomePod. Amazon’s Alexa is not only the best for both – Apple and Google worlds but also provides the most compatibility and service.