Wyze Sense Home Sensor System

What is it?

Wyze Sense Home Sensor System is a smart kit for securing the entry points to your house. It includes a motion sensor, two contact sensors and a bridge system – Wiz Bridge that integrates everything with their cameras.

What does it do?

The whole system works through the existing Wyze Cam line. The Wyze Bridge consists of the 3 sensors and connects to the company’s existing camera – either the Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan. It also sets up the whole system to the internet. Thus, enabling you to monitor everything through their mobile app.

The sensors are approximately in the size of a quarter. And, if there are any movements, the motion detector and contact sensors will activate the Wyze Cam to initiate recording or send alerts on your phone.

Moreover, the Wyze Sense motion detector has a 120-degree horizontal range of view and 26-foot range. 

The Wyze Sense kit works flawlessly with both iOS and Android devices and supports voice commands with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

How much does it cost?

The whole system, including the motion sensor and the two contact sensors, is priced at $20, which we think is a good buy for the service it offers. However, the company will start shipping the product from May 7th.

Why should you buy it?Why should you buy it?

If you have kids alone at home or if you are generally of forgetful nature, you can easily monitor the movements with Wyze Sense. Wyze Cam’s recording feature to detect movements can be useful to get alerts for an unfamiliar activity occurring in your absence. The contact sensors can inform you how long a window, refrigerator or a door has been left open.